What languages does Microsoft Translator support?

Text Translation
Microsoft Translator supports more than 60 languages for text translation. All of these languages are available in most products powered by Microsoft Translator including Translator for Bing and Translator apps.

Afrikaans Czech Greek Klingon Polish Spanish Welsh
Arabic Danish Haitian Creole Klingon (plqaD) Portuguese Swedish Yucatec Maya
Bangla Dutch Hebrew Korean Queretaro Otomi Tahitian
Bosnian (Latin) English Hindi Latvian Romanian Tamil
Bulgarian Estonian Hmong Daw Lithuanian Russian Thai
Cantonese (Traditional) Fijian Hungarian Malagasy Samoan Tongan
Catalan Filipino Indonesian Malay Serbian (Cyrillic) Turkish
Chinese Simplified Finnish Italian Maltese Serbian (Latin) Ukrainian
Chinese Traditional French Japanese Norwegian Slovak Urdu
Croatian German Kiswahili Persian Slovenian Vietnamese

Speech Translation
Microsoft Translator supports the following languages for conversational (not just simple command-like sentences) translation. These are available in the Microsoft Translator live feature in the Translator apps for Windows, iOS and Android (including Kindle Fire) and in Presentation Translator. They are also available in the Android and iOS conversation feature and in the Translator feature of Skype for Windows desktop.

Arabic (Modern Standard)
Chinese (Mandarin)

How do I get my language supported?

Text Languages:

We add new languages periodically. In the process of adding a new language to the automatic translation system, the most important learning material is existing high-quality translations—the same text in two languages.

A significant amount, typically 1+ million words of this type of text, is needed to build a reasonable-quality machine translation system for a particular language pair. Find out how machine translation works at

If you have access to this type of text, or to a community committed to adding a new language, we offer free use of the Microsoft Translator Hub. Languages such as Hmong, Maja, Otomi, Welsh, and even Klingon have been added to the Microsoft Translator service by using the Hub.

To see an example of how a community can use the Microsoft Translator Hub you can watch this Hmong community video.

Speech Languages

Speech recognition is a totally different process than translation. It requires a whole new set of data (hundred of hours of recorded audios and their associated transcriptions) and trainings of our machine learning based engines to become available. Therefore, we cannot always deliver speech recognition as quickly as new supported languages become available for Microsoft Translator.

We continue to release improvements to the quality of our existing languages and to expand on our coverage of languages from around the world so that more and more people can talk to the Microsoft Translator in their own language.

Stay tuned on our blog (, Facebook page (, or Twitter feed ( for updates to our language coverage.

Suggest a new language

If there is a language you would like to see added, you can let us know at the link below. If someone has already mentioned the language you are interested in, you can cast an additional vote.

Suggest a new Microsoft Translator supported language

Other Language Lists

Neural Network (NN) Powered Languages
Neural network models are available for all of the following languages in Microsoft Translator apps (Windows, Android, Kindle, iOS) and on Learn more about neural network based translation


Downloadable Language Packs
Downloadable language packs give you access to offline translation in situations where Internet access is unavailable or cost prohibitive, such as with international roaming. Downloadable language packs are now available for the Translator apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon Fire.

iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire
The downloadable language packs for the Microsoft Translator app for iOS, Android, and Fire are the world's first Deep Neural Network-powered offline translation engine. By downloading free offline packs, you can get near online-quality translations, even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Afrikaans Danish Hindi Norwegian Spanish*
Arabic* Dutch Hungarian Persian Swedish
Bosnian English Indonesian Polish Thai*
Bulgarian Estonian Italian* Portuguese* Turkish
Catalan Finnish Japanese* Romanian Ukrainian
Chinese Simplified* French* Korean* Russian* Urdu
Chinese Traditional German* Latvian Serbian Vietnamese
Croatian Greek Lithuanian Slovak Welsh
Czech Hebrew Malay Slovenian

* Powered by AI running directly on the device, resulting in up to 23% higher quality translations than previous versions. Learn more


Arabic Hindi Russian
Chinese Simplified Italian Spanish
Chinese Traditional Norwegian Swahili
Dutch Persian (Farsi) Swedish
English Polish Turkish
French Portuguese Vietnamese

Image Translation Languages
Image translation (also known as Optical Character Recognition or OCR) lets you translate text from your camera roll or saved pictures. Users can translate menus, signs or simple brochures from their phone with the translation appearing in an overlay above the existing text in the picture. This feature is currently available in the Translator apps for iOS, Windows, Android, and Amazon Fire.

Chinese Simplified French Norwegian
Chinese Traditional German Polish
Czech Greek Portuguese
Danish Hungarian Russian
Dutch Italian Spanish
English Japanese* Swedish
Finnish Korean Turkish

* Currently not available for Windows devices.

Short-form Voice Recognition Languages
Languages that support voice recognition for short sentences, such as when asking for directions.

These voice recognition models are available in Translator for Cortana, as well as in the conversation translations feature (one-way and bi-directional) in the Translator apps for Windows, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire when a conversation language is not available (available conversation models are indicated with an *). These models are the same speech recognition models that power the Bing Speech API short form.

Arabic* Finnish Norwegian
Catalan French* Polish
Chinese Mandarin* German* Portuguese*
Danish Italian* Russian*
Dutch Japanese* Spanish*
English* Korean* Swedish

Custom Speech Recognition
Presentation Translator supports Microsoft Cognitive Service’s Custom Speech Service to improve live subtitling in your PowerPoint slides and speaker notes. Supported languages for custom speech recognition in Presentation Translator are:

Chinese (Mandarin)

Text to Speech Languages
Some languages have text to speech audio output, allowing you to hear the translated text in its native accent.

Text to speech in all languages is available now in the Translator app for Android. The text to speech feature is available in Translator for iOS, the Microsoft Translator live feature, and Translator for Bing, with full support for all languages coming soon.

The following languages support text to speech.

Arabic Croatian French Indonesian Polish Spanish
Bulgarian Czech German Italian Portuguese Swedish
Cantonese Danish Greek Japanese Romanian Tamil
Catalan Dutch Hebrew Korean Russian Thai
Chinese (Simplified) English Hindi Malay Slovak Turkish
Chinese (Traditional) Finnish Hungarian Norwegian Slovenian Vietnamese