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Get instant access to translation on your Android phone and tablet

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Instant translation in the palm of your hand

Translate voice and text in all Microsoft Translator supported languages

Carry on a fully translated conversation with multiple people at once, all using their own devices

Hear the translated text in its native pronunciation

Use the world’s first AI-powered offline language packs to translate even when you are not connected to the internet

Translate text from your camera roll or saved pictures rather than typing the text or speaking aloud – perfect for translating signs, menus, and flyers

Copy and paste the translation into another app

Pin translations to use words and phrases in conversation at a later time

Translate text in other apps through context menu translation

Quickly access your translation history

Translator for Android phone and tablet

Use the new live feature preview as your personal universal translator

Translate speech and text in person in real-time

Connect up to 100 people using their favorite devices

Speak in nine different languages, or type in over 50

Be part of the conversation: Join a conversation regardless of your language. Chat. Share experiences. Make a connection.

Immerse as you travel: Interact with ease when traveling internationally. Meet locals. Make new friends.

Present to a wider audience: Break the languages barrier and make your message heard by everyone in the room.

Make everyone feel welcome: Greet anyone regardless of the language they speak. Provide people with needed information.