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Translator for Bing
Help & FAQs

About Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is an Artificial Intelligence-powered service that translates between more than 60 languages. In addition to powering Bing translation for Search and, it powers translations in Microsoft products such as the Microsoft Edge browser, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Microsoft Translator apps on mobile devices and Windows 10, and many others.

Microsoft Translator uses a machine translation engine that employs the latest generation neural machine translation technologies. Learn more about how machine translation works.

What languages are supported by Microsoft Translator?

Click here to view our list of languages supported for both speech and text translation.

How to Use Translator for Bing

How to Translate Text
  • Enter the text you want to translate in the box on the left
  • Verify that the language of your content is correct.
  • Auto-Detect: If Auto-Detect is selected, Translator attempts to determine the language automatically. In short texts, there is sometimes not enough information to detect the correct language. In that case please choose the source language manually.
  • Choose the language you want to translate to on the right.
  • The translated text will appear in the box on the right.

Text Translation Features

Text-to-Speech: Click the "Listen" icon to hear the translation spoken out loud. You can select the drop-down menu to change the voice from male to female, and in some instances, such as French, you can select whether you hear the translation in French (France), or French (Canada).

Share: Click the "Share" icon to share the translation via email, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Copy: Click the "Copy" icon to copy the translation.

Suggest an edit: If you come across a translation that isn't quite right, click the "Suggest an edit" link. The translated text will highlight, and you can type and enter your correction manually. Don't forget to click "Submit".


Translate Web Pages: You can translate web pages into over 60 languages - directly in your browser even if you are not using the Translator add-in on Edge.

  • Enter a web page address or copy/paste a URL into the box on the left.
  • Verify that the language of your content is correct. If the auto-detected source language is incorrect, change it using the language drop-down.
  • Choose the language you want to translate to on the right.
  • Click on the translated web page link, which will appear in the box to the right or the translate button
  • The translated web page will open in a new window or tab.

Additional Resources

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